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Learn How To Train Your Dog For Yourself

We don't train dogs; we teach you how to do it.

Like the saying goes.... Give a man a fish and feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.
Let us help you to learn how to properly train, understand and communicate with your dog through positive methods.

Puppy training, obedience, problem correction, canine behavior, clicker training, dog sports and fitness, first aid, bonding, confidence building and more!
Learn Dog Training in the comfort of your own home. Serving the Nassau County, Long Island NY area.

Private 1-on-1 Instruction
In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Meet Your Trainer / Instructor

Brandon Karp, the "trainer to the trainers", is the ONLY Certified Master Dog Trainer and Canine Behavioral Consultant that is licensed by New York State to teach dog training for professional dog trainers and utilizes force-free methods.  Brandon is now taking the same curriculum that he teaches to professionals, and is bringing it to you.  The aim is to help dogs and dog owners be their best through understanding, communication and education.  His clients have included fellow trainers, veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, families, dog owners and dog lovers.

Growing up, Brandon's father was the head of the Nassau County and Sullivan County SPCA. He started tagging along on cruelty investigations and rescuing dogs before the age of 7. He's had a life-time of dog experience and is a family dog expert.  Brandon is the proud father to a Dogo Argentino puppy and two young boys.  He treats every dog, family and situation as if it were his own.

Did you know that there are no regulations, guidelines, oversight or requirements for people to be professional dog trainers?  In fact, anyone can call themselves a professional dog trainer.

Don't put the dog you love into the hands of the wrong trainer.  Learn for yourself how to properly, safely and effectively train, communicate with, and understand your dog, and avoid becoming another horror story.

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 learning how to train your own dog!
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