At South Shore K9 Academy we believe in teaching you rather than training your dog.  Let us show you how to properly train, understand and communicate with your dog, using positive, force-free methods, in the following areas:

Obedience (basic & advanced)

Much like people, every dog is different.  Some are hyperactive, some are laid-back, some are serious, while others are silly.  Some are shy, and yet others have too much confidence.  Regardless of these differences, obedience training is important for all dogs and beneficial to your entire family.  Obedience teaches good manners and behavior (sit, down, come, walking nicely on leash and a whole lot more).  It is the first step in correcting nuisance behaviors such as jumping up on people, digging, barking, pulling, lunging, nipping and chewing, while providing mental and physical activity for your dog.  It can also help deepen the bond between you and your dog, and can increase the safety, enjoyment, companionship and satisfaction of your relationship with your dog.

 Puppy Training & Enrichment

Raising a new puppy can feel a little overwhelming, even if it's not your first time.  Learning the proper ways of handling, training, and preparing your puppy for the world around them is extremely important.  Just like children, there is a small window of time during development where their brains are the most impressionable.  For puppies, it's within their first 4 months.

 Problem Correction & Behavior Modification

Before you can change or correct a behavior, you must first evaluate what the behavior is, and then understand why the behavior is occurring. We work on evaluating, managing and modifying behaviors, in both the dog and family.  

Confidence Building

Some dogs can charge at life head-on without fear or nervousness.  For dogs that can't, for whatever their individual reason is, the world is a scary to them.  We work to build your dog's confidence through introducing new and different environments and scenarios in a controlled and positive manner.  Building confidence helps shy/nervous dogs better adjust to the world around them, and live a happier, more balanced life.

Physical & Mental Exercise


We leave the competition, strict rules and pressure behind in Agility, and do it just for fun and exercise!  Dogs and owners both have fun learning and getting comfortable with various obstacles.  Move at your own pace and skill level: learning, building confidence and having fun!  Basic obedience is helpful but not necessary.

 Nose Work (scent detection)
Dogs learn to use their highly advanced sense of smell to search and track down specific scents.  Our methods combine various techniques used in training police and military detection dogs, but in a fun and exciting way for pet dogs and owners.  It is extremely fun and mentally stimulating for dogs, a great confidence builder, great for all dogs, all ages, all levels and all temperaments, and it does not require any previous training or obedience.  


It's not just for people!  Whether your dog is a sport dog, a crazy backyard runner, or just likes jumping on and off the bed, Pilates helps to condition your dog, prevent injuries and heal from injuries quicker.  Core conditioning, strengthening, balance and body awareness are all worked on, utilizing fitness balls, boxes, cavaletti bars and more.  Dogs and owners get to learn and move at their own pace and ability.  It's good for all ages, from puppy to adult.  Basic obedience is helpful but not necessary.

Dog Tricks

Training your dog tricks not only provides a fun and rewarding experience for you and your dog, it also provides great physical and mental stimulation.  It better builds a relationship based on communication and positive reinforcement.  Not to mention, it's fun to show off and so exciting to watch!


Learn Dog Training

Do you want to properly train dogs?  Are you interested in working with dogs?  If so, then the South Shore K9 Academy dog trainer program is right for you.  Learn all about dogs, their history, the history of dog training, how dogs learn, dog behavior, body language, equipment for training, play and exercise, positive methods to successfully teach dogs, dog safety, first aid, how to conduct training sessions, the business of dog training, and more.  Great for anyone who has ever had interest in dogs, whether you are a dog walker, sitter, groomer, doggy day care, vet tech, pet store, rescue, shelter, or just a dog lover. Private 1-on-1 instruction in the comfort of your own home, and hands-on in the real world.

For Current Dog Trainers

Are you a professional dog trainer?  Have you been training for years?  Are you still using out-dated methods and training "tools"?  Do you want to learn Clicker Training, and fully understand Positive Reinforcement and Force-Free training?  We can help!  Private 1-on-1 instruction in the comfort of your own home.

 Safety & Training Seminars

We offer dog safety and training seminars for your business, group or organization.  Topics include Dog Bite Prevention, Better Understanding Dogs, Preparing Dogs For The Arrival of a New Baby, The Power of Clicker Training, and Kids With Dogs.


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